Not just another guide to cologne


  1. Guide book 140 pages, 9 categories/chapters, over 200 tips & infos
  2. Foldout city map compact, inscribable city map for navigation and exploration
  3. Post card send your family and friends some greetings from Cologne

Visiting a foreign city is an exciting and challenging experience. It often means feeling a bit lost when you first arrive and most guide books send you on the same touristic, beaten paths. Wouldn't it be great to explore a city through the eyes of other international travellers and locals instead?

This guide came to life first in 2014 through the hands of three local and international design students that wanted to share a unique perspective on the life of a city they got to experience and cherish. Also they realised how most of the time incoming students had no prior tips and information on what life had to offer in Cologne besides studying.

Since then they have collected endless recommendations and tips from international and national students as well as locals to show you Cologne from a different angle. With all this unique information the guide offers a great companion not only for students but also travellers and even locals.

If you are an international student in Cologne though the contents of this guide will be especially helpful to you. This book will not only provide you with many recommendations rarely mentioned in other guides but also give you a broad selection of information about local culture, bureaucracy, housing, emergency and safety topics as well as places to explore outside of Cologne.

Our team is proud to provide you with truely honest, first-hand advice and recommendations by students, locals and travellers that will help you to explore and discover the city from a unique and young perspective. Good luck and have a great time!

Second Edition (2016) - 2.000 copies
First published in 2014

Kölsch Culture, Food, Nightlife, Designish, Sundays,
Seasonal Events, Mobility, Housing, SOS

Concept, Editing, Layout and Publishing
Jaqueline Diedam, Raoul Döring, Yuki Fukuda

Supported by
Cologne University of Applied Sciences,
KISD – Köln International School of Design
University of Cologne
Buch- und Offsetdruckerei Häuser KG


3 design students working over 500 hours
300+ pieces of paper models
200 sqm of colored paper and cardboard
150 meters tape


"Man nehme drei Designstudierende, lasse sie über 300 Stunden aus 120 Quadratmetern buntem Papier und Pappe sowie 100 Metern Klebeband 167 Papiermodelle basteln, man gebe viele, viel Tassen Kaffee hinzu und schon erhält man die Bildsprache für einen Stadtführer, der anders ist als alle anderen."
novum - world of graphic design

"Der "Not just another guide to Cologne" unterscheidet sich nicht nur inhaltlich von den konventionellen Kölntipps, sondern glänzt vorallem durch sein Design."
Inside Out

"Ein kreativer Service mit einem visuellen Konzept, das mit handgemachten Illustrationen punktet, Nutzer an die Hand nimmt und sie auch mal dazu inspiriert, bisher unentdecktes Terrain zu erkunden."
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Design made in Germany / Designspotter / TH-Köln


We are an international group coming from Brazil, Germany and Japan. In this collaborative project we could bring together our diverse skill sets and cultural perspectives, making it a truly interdisciplinary and international approach to design.

All members of our team are currently living and working in Germany. To get in contact with us please use our contact information below. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Jaqueline Diedam
Jaqueline Diedam

Illustrator, BA Designer


Raoul Döring
Raoul Döring

Graphic Designer, Photographer


Yuki Fukuda
Yuki Fukuda

BA Integrated Designer


Do you have any further questions or are you interested in working with us on a project?
Please feel free to contact us through the email address below. We are looking forward to hear from you!